Minigarden Basic M Pots

Ideal for larger plants

Minigarden Basic M Pots

The Minigarden Basic M Pots tabletop planter is just as simple as Minigarden Basic S Pots.

Just like Minigarden Basic S Pots, the M model features an ingenious water and nutrient reservoir that automatically waters your plants as they need it. What makes the Medium model different is its size – Minigarden Basic M Pots features slightly larger planting pots, which offers more versatility for gardening. With Minigarden Basic M Pots, you can grow larger edible plants, small trees, and floor standing house plants.

Minigarden Basic M Pots and reservoir can be arranged to suit any configuration:

  • Create a symmetrical tabletop garden by placing the reservoir in the center
  • Place the reservoir to one side to create a one-sided, asymmetrical arrangement

You can even mount your Minigarden Basic M Pots on the wall to create a floating work of living art, or place it on your kitchen counters, shelves, or any other surface in your home.

Each Minigarden Basic M Pots system is comprised of four main parts:

  1. One water-tight base tray module
  2. Two pots. Each pot is 6.3”/ 16cm diameter with a 2.25L capacity per pot.
  3. Removable 2.5L water reservoir
  4. Geotextile lining for the base tray to assist plants with water absorption

Get Growing!


Minigarden Basic M Pots can be used indoors or outdoors, and is perfect for growing a number of ornamental plants, herbs, and small vegetables. Minigarden Basic M Pots is also ideal for plants that prefer to be watered from the bottom, such as African Violets or herbs.


Minigarden Basic M Pots features a unique reservoir that feeds and waters your plants as they need it. Simply fill the reservoir with water and nutrients, and as the soil in your pots dries out, the reservoir will discharge water. Say goodbye to under or overwatered plants and enjoy a prosperous garden year round!

Product Features

  • Water and nutrient reservoir automatically waters your plants as they need it
  • Larger 6.3”pot size with 2.25L capacity accommodates a plants, including larger vegetables and ornamental plants
  • Ease of use makes Minigarden Basic M Pots perfect for children, brown thumbs, new gardeners, and busy professionals
  • Pots and reservoir can be arranged to suit any desired configuration
  • Two plant capacity.
  • Includes three nutrient and supplement packets
  • Manufactured using 100% recyclable high-strength non-toxic polypropylene copolymer
  • UV protection and resistant to extreme weather conditions

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