4 Big Reasons Why Should You Garden With Your Kids

School is out (or will be very soon), and that means two things: your kids are probably getting a bit antsy, and you’re probably scrambling around looking for something to occupy their time over the next few months.

Look no further – gardening is a productive, healthy, and fun summer activity for children of any age. Plus, setting up a garden isn’t the chore it used to be. Minigarden’s vertical gardening planters take the backbreaking labor out of gardening, and their self-draining modules help make sure your kids grow thriving plants all summer long. Goodbye dead plants and discouragement, hello fresh produce and smiling faces!

If you still need some convincing, here are four big reasons why you should garden with your kids:

1. You’ll Spend More Time Together

Spending time with your kids can feel like pulling teeth, especially if you have teenagers. Having a common interest that you both enjoy creates a stronger bond and may even make them want to hang out with you.

Minigarden Lettuce Gardening Kids

Plus, gardening is more social and more physically active than other typical family activities like taking in a movie. After all, what’s the point in doing something together if you don’t have an opportunity to truly connect?

2. It’s Educational

While it’s important to give your kids a break from book learning, being out of school doesn’t give them an excuse to completely check out for two months. Gardening is a great substitute because it teaches a lot of important lessons that may not be taught in a traditional classroom environment.

Produce Aisle
Instead of thinking about food as something that can be easily purchased at the grocery store or local market, gardening helps kids understand exactly how much time and effort goes into making sure they can have a healthy meal three times a day. Understanding where their food actually comes from and how it got on their plates can result in a number of positive outcomes, such as a greater appreciation for local food, or even the development of healthier eating habits.

3. Gardening Teaches Important Life Skills

In addition to teaching your kids about nature and food production, gardening teaches responsibility and patience. Giving your children the chance to nurture a life and learn how to provide proper care is an important life lesson, and you don’t need to get a dog to do it (as much as your kids might disagree).

Baby Lettuce Grown Lettuce
Unlike so many things our kids have access to nowadays, gardening does not provide an instant reward or result. Your kids will learn to be patient as they wait for their efforts to pay off, and when they do the sense of accomplishment may boost their self-confidence in a way that a gold star or A+ can’t. One suggestion: for younger gardeners, opt for plants that sprout or grow a little quicker.

4. It’s Healthy!

The number one reason why gardening with your kids is a great idea: it’s really good for you! Gardening gets you and your kids off the couch, away from your phones and devices, and into the fresh air and sunlight. And in addition to being a physically active hobby, gardening is psychologically stimulating. Nature Deficit Disorder is a real thing, and setting up a garden goes a long way towards preventing it.

Gardening with Kids Parsley
Getting active isn’t the only reason why gardening is good for you. Perhaps homegrown produce simply tastes better, or perhaps the sense of accomplishment that comes with harvesting your own crop encourages healthy eating, but kids who garden and grow their own healthy foods also tend to eat more of them. Need a way to get your kids to eat their vegetables? Grow them yourself!

Get Growing!

Convinced that gardening with your kids is simply the best thing you could do this summer but lack the space to get set up? No problem. You don’t need a yard – all you need is an empty wall or fence (or even an empty spot on your kitchen counter will do)! Minigarden’s vertical planters and tabletop units make gardening with your kids easy and fun without requiring you to break out the shovel.

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Susan Austin is Sales Director for Minigarden North America. She can be reached at susan@minigardening.com.