8 Gardening Activities For A Rainy Day

A little rain is no reason to forget about your garden – after all, your garden is busy drinking in all that water, and you should be busy too! There are tons of ways you and your kids can stay involved in the garden even when you can’t go outside, from gardening crafts to planning your next harvest or even skipping the outdoors altogether and setting up a garden inside!

Gardening Crafts

Who doesn’t love getting crafty? Gardening crafts are the perfect outlet for your kids’ creativity, and they’re also a great way to keep your kids involved and engaged when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Here are a couple of fun options:


SuncatchersThe sun may not be shining, but it won’t be gone for long! Get ready for its joyful return and bring some of that sunshine indoors with these suncatchers.

Here’s how to make your own.

Paper Flowers

Add some color to a grey day! Paper flowers are great, simple craft for kids of any age.

Check out this list of paper flower tutorials by Lia Griffith.

Plant Labels

Plant MarkersEver forget what you planted, only to be surprised when something totally unexpected peeks out from your soil? It can be confusing when your plants don’t have a visible flower or tasty treat, and plant labels can help dispel the confusion so your kids know exactly what’s growing where. They’re super easy to make using items that are probably already in your craft cupboard – try using popsicle sticks, painting stones, or beads!

Jodi at Meaningful Mama shows you how to make your own beaded plant markers.

Start A Garden Journal

Journaling about their experiences helps keep your kids connected to their efforts. Plus, journaling can help them work out any gardening frustrations (we all have them!), as well as give them a chance to discover on their own what works well and what they can improve upon.

Get Cooking

If you can’t garden, cook! If you already have some produce harvested, head into the kitchen and get cooking.

Kids in the Kitchen
If you’re still waiting on your harvest, decide what you’ll do with all those tasty herbs, fruits, and veggies.

Plan What You’ll Plant Next

A rainy day is the perfect opportunity to get ready for the upcoming season. Sit down with your kids and browse through seed catalogues, talk about what grew well and what didn’t, and decide what you and your kids might like to try growing after your next harvest.

Learn A Little

Your kids can learn a lot in the garden, but the learning doesn’t have to stop just because it’s raining! Take advantage of a rainy day by teaching your kids about how their plants are using all that water, or even why leaves are green or why bees are so important. Educational opportunities abound! Here’s a great list of lessons to get you started.

Gardening Indoors

Set up an indoor garden and never worry about the rain again! All you need is a sunny space and you can set up your own indoor vertical garden.

Indoor Minigarden Corner
Bringing the garden indoors is the perfect way to grow as a family without worrying about the weather. Plus, houseplants purify the air, reduce stress, and sharpen your focus and concentration. Check out our list of kid-friendly plants, or even try growing vegetables from old kitchen scraps!

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Nothing puts a damper on the gardening spirit like a rainy day. Vertical gardening systems like Minigarden make it easy to garden as a family indoors, but there are tons of other ways to keep the spirit alive on a rainy day. If you’re still having trouble getting your kids interested in the garden, check out our tips!

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Susan Austin is Sales Director for Minigarden North America. She can be reached at susan@minigardening.com.