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In the garden with… Carmen Ferreira

With the vegetable gardens Minigarden winning over an increasing number of fans, the Minigarden team decided to pay a visit to a number of customers who have the Minigarden system installed. The Minigarden now forms part of the daily lives of so many families, it is intriguing to see up close the development of their vertical vegetable and flower gardens.

Horticulture Workshops for Children and Grown-Ups – Vertical Kitchen Garden

Last June, we saw the end of another workshop series on HORTICULTURE FOR CHILDREN AND GROWN-UPS, at the Dolce Vita Tejo (the biggest shopping centre in Europe).

For a few days, people had the chance to discover the benefits of urban kitchen gardens and learn about growing horticultural and aromatic plants.

In an urban setting, the use of raised seed beds and vertical systems with low space requirements may be the best solution to build a kitchen garden. All the participants had the opportunity to discover the Minigarden Vertical system. Everyone was able to feel the soil with their hands and thoroughly follow the suggestions to make a Minigarden Vertical kitchen garden without ever forgetting the general principles of sustainable agriculture.

In the kitchen garden with… Joana Lobato

This time, the Minigarden team visited the kitchen garden of Joana Lobato, a young woman with a great passion for her four-legged friends.

She always wanted to have a kitchen garden at home, but the lack of time and space had always made it impossible to fulfil that wish. Joana tells us that “I tried to grow things in flowerpots, but with no success”.

In the kitchen garden with… Paula Magessi

The Minigarden kitchen garden has been conquering more and more enthusiasts. This time, we focus on a family from Charneca da Caparica, Lisbon – Portugal, with an old passion for agriculture. The lack of time and space had always made it impossible to fulfil their dream.

The Minigarden team had the chance to keep up with this recent urban kitchen garden, and thus was able to witness a dream coming true.

Paula Magessi tells us: “This was our personal project. Every detail was carefully thought-out, including the watering.”

Plant Profile: Rosemary

There are many legends about rosemary’s wonderful powers. Some say it can protect you from evil, others describe its magical love charms, and some even claim it can improve your memory. The truth of these claims is debatable, but there are three things we do know about rosemary: it can keep insects out of your garden, it’s strong, woody flavor complements a variety of dishes, and it grows perfectly in a Minigarden.

All About Autumn Gardening

The seasons may be changing, but you don’t have to put away your gardening gloves and trowel just yet! Shorter days and cooler weather don’t signal the end of gardening season – all you have to do to keep your garden growing throughout the fall is plant the right plants.