In The News: Marilyn Denis Shows How a Small Space Can’t Stop You from Gardening

Don’t let a small space stop you from gardening! Marilyn Denis shows you how Minigarden is perfect for those awkward empty spaces – even if you have a brown thumb.

Marilyn Denis Minigarden Small Spaces

Everyone loves a little greenery in their lives (especially after a long, hard winter), but not everyone has the space or time to maintain a beautiful garden, and even fewer people have a green thumb. If that sounds familiar, never fear! You can still inject some greenery into your life.

One of Canada’s prominent media personalities, Marilyn Denis, recently shared how Minigarden can transform your tight space into a green masterpiece without tons of effort. Her guest, Canadian Living’s home and garden expert Brett Walther, shows how you can fill in that awkward empty corner in your home with luscious greenery (along with some added air-cleaning benefits!) using Minigarden Corner, or even how brown thumbs can grow fresh herbs year-round in Minigarden Basic.

Watch the full video:

Marilyn Denis Small Space Gardening

Looking for more small space gardening ideas? Check out Marilyn’s suggestions.

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