Irrigation Kit for Minigarden Corner

Integrate with Minigarden Vertical and water your entire green wall at on time!


Irrigation Kit for Minigarden Corner

With the Irrigation Kit for Minigarden Corner, you won’t have to individually water each plant in your corner garden. The Minigarden Irrigation Kit for Minigarden Corner is a drip-watering system specially designed to irrigate up to 12 Corner modules (or four Corner sets), holding a total of 12 plants. The Kit is simple and intuitive to install, and can be connected to a manual sprayer or electric pump for easy water delivery. Each Minigarden Corner Irrigation Kit includes:

  • Twelve 5 ½” micro dripping tubes
  • Eleven 7” micro dripping tubes
  • Nine 3 ⅜” micro dripping tubes
  • One 59” micro dripping tube
  • All coupling, joints, plugs, valves, and connectors for any configuration
  • Detailed, easy-to-follow instructions for installation
For larger corner installations, you can connect a total of three Corner Irrigation Kits to water a total of 36 plants. The Irrigation Kit for Minigarden Corner can also be combined with the Irrigation Kit for Minigarden Vertical for use in any vertical garden configuration.

When Should you Use an Irrigation System?

The Irrigation System for Minigarden Corner is ideal for:

  • Larger corner garden installations up to 36 plants
  • Irrigating large green wall installations by integrating with Minigarden Vertical Irrigation Kit
  • Residential or commercial vertical garden installations
  • Low-maintenance vertical gardening – use a manual sprayer or connect your Irrigation Kit to an electronic pump so you don’t have to water each plant individually

Grow thriving green walls in any space!

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How To Connect Irrigation Kit to a Hand Sprayer

Step 1

Ensure that your hand sprayer has the correct connections to attach the microtube. The hand sprayer should accommodate a 4mm interior diameter and 6mm exterior diameter. To ensure it fits properly, bring the Minigarden microtube to your gardening center or hardware store to test with hand sprayer.

Step 2

Remove the threaded nut and o-ring from the wand included with the hand sprayer.

Step 3

Insert the threaded nut over the end of the 150 cm micro tube that will be attached to the hand sprayer.

Step 4

Insert the o-ring below the threaded nut.

Step 5

Insert the micro tube into the flow control. Ensure the o-ring is near the connection to prevent leaks.

Step 6

Thread the nut over the flow control. Tighten well by hand.

Step 7

Pump the hand sprayer and press the flow control to start irrigating.







The Flo-Master 2 gallon Heavy Duty hand sprayer integrates perfectly with the Irrigation Kit for Minigarden Corner.

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  • Twelve x 5 ½” micro dripping tubes.
    • Internal tube diameter: 3/16”
    • Exterior tube diameter: ¼”
    • Distance between drip feeders 8”
    • Flow rate is 51 oz/h
  • Eleven x 7” micro tubes
  • Nine x 3 3/8” micro tubes
  • One x 59” micro tube
    • Internal tube diameter: 5/32”
    • Exterior tube diameter: ¼”