Minigarden Kitchen Garden 

Your 24-plant vegetable garden on the wall

Minigarden Kitchen Garden 

A state of the art vertical gardening system

Minigarden Kitchen Garden

Grow all your favorite edible plants at home

Grow Fresh Produce Year Round

Grow up, not out! With the Minigarden Kitchen Garden, any gardener can grow fresh herbs and vegetables year-round in any space, indoors or outdoors. The Minigarden Kitchen Garden occupies only a few square inches of ground space, but thanks to its larger 24 plant capacity, the Minigarden Kitchen Garden is ideal for growing your own fresh produce in small or urban environments. Enjoy the fresh flavors of your favorite fruits, herbs and vegetables year-round! Each Minigarden Kitchen Garden includes an irrigation kit for easy watering. The system is freestanding and can be set on the ground, or any other flat surface. Simply secure the middle and top modules to the vertical surface with our Minigarden Fixers. For floating installations, use two Wall Support kits, placing the brackets side-by-side to mount and secure your Kitchen Garden. See the Minigarden Kitchen Garden in action – check out Kim M.’s living green wall! The Minigarden Kitchen Garden system is comprised of five main components:

  1. Eight stackable planter modules
  2. Eight drain trays
  3. One base tray
  4. Assembly clips
  5. Irrigation kit

Product Features

  • Assemble free-standing stackable units vertically or horizontally to create living edible green walls
  • 24 plant capacity – plant and harvest all your favorite fresh produce!
  • Eight planter modules, each with a 3.2 gallon (12L) capacity
  • Irrigation kit included for worry-free, automatic watering
  • Self-draining design prevents overwatering by channelling excess water to the bottom of the system, not the plants below
  • Manufactured using 100% recyclable high-strength BPA-free polypropylene copolymer
  • UV protection and resistant to extreme weather conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to mount the Minigarden Kitchen Garden on a wall?

No! The eight-module Kitchen Garden is freestanding, so it can be placed on the ground without having to be secured.

However, if you are hanging your modules on the wall, or if your ground surface is unstable, we suggest you fix your Minigarden Kitchen Garden to the wall using standard wall mount screws or the Minigarden Wall Support kit and Minigarden Fixers.

Can I hang Minigarden Kitchen Garden on a wall?

Yes! You can hang your Minigarden Kitchen Garden on the wall using one Minigarden Wall Support unit.

How do I mount Minigarden Kitchen Garden on a wall?

To fix your Minigarden Kitchen Garden to the wall, thread screws through the circular clips at the back of your Minigarden. You can also use Minigarden Fixers to secure each module to the wall.


More information

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