Minigarden Vertical

Setting up Minigarden Vertical is a snap

Setting Up Minigarden Vertical

Minigarden Vertical occupies only a few square inches of ground space, making it the ideal gardening system for those growing in small or urban spaces. And because Minigarden Vertical is manufactured using high-strength polypropylene copolymer, it also offers UV protection and ensures your urban garden can withstand extreme weather conditions.


Minigarden Vertical assembles in a snap – literally!

Items You’ll Need

You will need the following items for each 3-layer Vertical set that you assemble:

  • 1 gallon (4L) of expandable clay granules or perlite
  • 8 gallons (30L) of light, well-draining potting mix
  • Nine plants with a maximum pot diameter of 4″ (12cm)
  • Minigarden Wall Support kit (only required for wall-mounting your Minigarden)

How To Assemble your Minigarden Vertical

  1. Place the first module in the Base Tray
  2. Fill the module with 1/3 (2L)  of the expanded clay pebbles or fine gravel
  3. Fill the module with ⅓ (10L)  of the potting mix or to within 1″ (2cm) of the top of the Minigarden module
  4. Planting: Dig a hole in the potting mix that is slightly larger than the plant’s root system and place the plant into the hole. Fill in any gaps around the plant with the potting mix that was removed.
  5. Insert two Side Clips with the larger inner hole into the sides so that you may thread your irrigation drip-tubing through it (optional).
  6. Insert the remaining four clips in the front and back of the modules.
  7. Insert the top drain lid and press down on the clips.  Make sure that the cover clicks right into the clips.
  8. Repeat the above steps for the remaining modules and install them in accordance to your design or configuration.
  9. Water all of the plants thoroughly once assembly and installation are complete.

How To Wall-Mount Minigarden Vertical

  1. Measure the wall and decide on where you want to place your Minigarden.
  2. Using our wall-mounting kit, install the bracket into the wall with screws and wall-plugs provided.
  3. Attach the base tray onto the bracket.
  4. Follow the “How to Assemble Your Minigarden” steps located above.
  5. Secure the top layer to the wall by using the wall-fixers included with the kit.  
  6. For larger installations or for installations along concrete or brick surfaces, mount your Minigarden(s) onto steel or wood battens instead of directly into the wall.  
  • Product Dimensions: 25.4″ w x 7.5″ d x 22.4″ h (64.6 x 19 x 57 cm)
  • Includes 3 Vertical modules, 3 drain lids, 18 clips, and 1 Base Tray
  • Maximum Container Volume: 3.2 Gallons (12 L) per module.
  • Recommended Container Volume: 2.65 Gallons (10 L) per module
  • Polypropylene Moplen plastic (BPA-free) with UV protection and adheres to International Food Safety Standards
  • 100% recyclable
  • Manufacturing guarantee: 3 years
  • Made in Portugal

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