Minigarden Vertical

A state of the art vertical gardening system




Minigarden Vertical Fits Anywhere

A lack of space is no longer an excuse not to grow your own herbs, vegetables, or decorative plants – with Minigarden Vertical, there’s always room to grow! Minigarden Vertical can be used indoors or outside and accommodates a wide variety of ornamental plants and herbs, as well as fruits and vegetables. Minigarden Vertical makes gardening easy for new and experienced gardeners alike. With our patented drainage system, you don’t need to worry about over or underwatering your plants; each module is designed to prevent evaporation, while excess water drains to the base tray at the bottom of your unit rather than to the plants below. Minigarden Vertical also assembles in a snap – no tools required! – and it combines seamlessly with Minigarden Corner to create the perfect configuration for your space.

The Minigarden Vertical system is comprised of four main components:

  1. Three stackable planter modules – each module holds three plants
  2. Three drain lids
  3. One base tray
  4. Assembly clips

The system is freestanding and can be set on the ground, or any other flat surface. For larger or wall-mounted installations, mounting hardware can be used to secure the modules to a wall.

Irrigationminigarden vertical drainage

Unlike other vertical gardening systems, Minigarden Vertical does not use a trickle-down system. Trickle down systems can promote the spread of pests and disease, and result in waterlogged bottom-level plants if you accidentally overwater your vertical garden. Each module in a Minigarden Vertical set is watered individually, and any excess water drains into the drain tray at the bottom of the unit. The drain tray will begin to fill long before you need to worry about leaking.

Product Features

  • Assemble free-standing stackable units vertically or horizontally to create living greenwalls in any environment
  • Combine multiple modular Minigarden units to suit your space
  • Nine plant capacity
  • Three planter modules, each with a 3.2 gallon (12 L) capacity
  • Self-draining design prevents overwatering by channelling excess water to the bottom of the system, not the plants below.
  • Available in five colors: white, black, gray, green, and terracotta
  • Manufactured using 100% recyclable, non-toxic, high-strength BPA-free polypropylene copolymer
  • UV protection and resistant to extreme weather conditions

Discover Minigarden Vertical

Assembly of 1 Minigarden Vertical set

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to mount Minigarden Vertical on a wall?

No! The three-module Minigarden Vertical is freestanding, so it can be placed on the ground without having to be secured. However, if you are stacking more than three modules, hanging your modules on the wall, or if your ground surface is unstable, we suggest you fix your Minigarden Vertical to the wall using standard wall mount screws. You can also use our line of easy wall-mounting accessories.

Can I hang Minigarden Vertical on a wall?

Yes! You can hang your Minigarden Vertical system on the wall using one Minigarden Vertical Wall Support unit. For larger installations of up to eight Minigarden Vertical units, use two Minigarden Wall Support units side by side. Wall Support units are sold separately.

How do I mount Minigarden Vertical on a wall?

To fix your Minigarden Vertical to the wall, thread two screws through the circular clips at the back of your Minigarden. You can also use Minigarden Fixers to secure each module to the wall.