Minigarden Watering Can

Designed for easy, drip-free watering

Minigarden Watering Can

The Minigarden Watering Can is designed to easily water your Minigarden modules. Its soft nozzle provides effortless, drip-free watering, and its built-in plant supplement dispenser makes it easy to dilute plant supplements directly into the water.

The Minigarden Watering Can includes two Minigarden Grow Up Green Leaf Growth Plant Food packets. Grow Up Green provides all the nutrients your leafy greens and ornamental plants need to prosper and thrive in any space.

Each Minigarden Watering Can includes four parts:

Product Features

  • Pliable, soft nozzle provides easy, drip-free watering
  • Built-in plant supplement dispenser
  • Includes two packets of Minigarden Grow Up Green supplements
  • 85 ounce (2.5 L) water capacity
  • Can is made of non-toxic, high density polyethylene with UV protection
  • Handle and Nozzle made of non-toxic, low density polyethylene with UV protection
  • 100% recyclable