Revolutionize Urban Gardening

About Minigarden

Launched in 2007, Minigarden is an innovative, modular vertical gardening system that offers endless configurations to suit any sized space. From backyard vegetable farming, to decorative gardens in apartments and on condominium balconies, to larger architectural installations in commercial settings, Minigarden offers endless possibilities to home gardeners and designers alike.

The Minigarden Story

In 2004, our founder, Manuel Rodrigues, retired from a successful career in business. Keen to have an active and meaningful retirement, Manuel focused his energy on gardening and self-sustenance farming. With the help of his grandchildren, Manuel started planting vertical flower pots with strawberry plants. His initial garden design was a success, and his strawberry plants yielded a bumper crop of fruit.

Manuel then joined forces with his son, Antonio, whose background in commercial agriculture would help bring Manuel’s passion and knowledge for urban gardening to communities throughout North America and Europe. After several prototypes and years of test planting, Manuel and Antonio developed the Minigarden.

Our Mission: Revolutionizing Urban Gardening

Manuel’s dream and our company’s goal is to help everyone experience an urban green revolution by sharing the joys of gardening and the beauty of plants, regardless of their space or skill level. Whether you’re creating an herb garden on your kitchen counter or vegetables on your apartment balcony, an ornamental display in your living room, or a large living wall in a corporate office, Minigarden’s simple yet robust system takes the guesswork out of plant care and allows anyone to enjoy the pleasures of plants and gardening in any environment. Minigarden is revolutionizing urban gardening by making it easy to grow nearly anything year-round in only a few square inches. The secret to the urban green revolution is to grow up, not out, and thanks to Minigarden’s ease of use vertical gardening on any scale in any space has never been easier.

Everyone Can Minigarden

Minigarden makes urban gardening accessible for all gardeners, regardless of skill or space. Thanks to our patented drainage system and water conserving design, even brown thumbs can grow thriving, prosperous gardens with Minigarden. Our self-watering tabletop units take the stress out of plant care for novice and young gardeners, while our vertical gardening units make accurate watering easy and simple for gardeners of any skill level. With Minigarden, gardeners can enjoy fresh produce year round from the convenience of their backyards or balconies, or even effortlessly maintain large greenwall installations in both indoor and outdoor urban environments. No matter how much or how little space you have available, you can grow your own fresh herbs and vegetables or create your own living work of art using the Minigarden vertical gardening system. Learn more about what makes Minigarden so special.