Vertical Gardening Brings Your Walls to Life

I have a large, bare wall in my kitchen that has been waiting for the perfect accessory. I wanted something that would make a great impact and bring something unexpected to the room. I considered everything from hanging a large chalkboard, to finding a beautiful piece of art. Ultimately, I decided to go with a vertical garden. I get nice, indirect sunlight in my kitchen which is suitable for many indoor plants. Plus, nothing brings a wall to life (literally!) like plants do.

Choosing Plants

Minigarden Vertical WallGiven the reality of my busy work/family schedule and the approaching conditions of the fall and winter, I chose the plants carefully. They had to be able to withstand my neglect and the upcoming arid and lower-light conditions and still look good. So, I selected the trusty Golden Pothos to create the border, and then filled the green sections of the wall with Ball Moss and Schefflera.  To inject some color, I dedicated some modules to seasonal ornamental chilis and purple mums. Around Christmas, I will likely be replacing these with baby Pointsettia or Christmas Cactus.

Before assembling, I planted all the modules. I put in about an inch of Perlite at the bottom to help with drainage. Next, I filled the modules in with container mix and then planted the 4″ plants and gave it all a good watering.

Assembling My Greenwall

I assembled the Minigarden layer-by-layer going upwards. Halfway up, I fastened the Minigarden to the wall using a screw and wall anchor. The screw is threaded through the back clip and then into the wall anchor, much like anchoring a bookcase. I also secured the top modules to the wall in the same way. In total, the planting and assembly of this wall took about ninety minutes, thanks to the system’s easy-to-assemble design.

Most importantly, I am looking forward to seeing thriving plants in my home throughout the coming days of fall and winter.

Enjoy the picture and happy autumn everyone!



Susan Austin is Sales Director for Minigarden North America. She can be reached at