Victory Gardens Reimagined – Vertically!

You don’t need a ton of space to grow your own fresh vegetables! Our recent feature in 5ive For Women shows you why Minigarden is the perfect gardening solution for your small space.

Minigarden Victory Garden

During the war years, Americans were encouraged to plant vegetable gardens to ease the demand for food by the military. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, these victory gardens accounted for as much as 40% of all vegetables produced during the war years!

Thanks to advances in plant breeding, we can now grow a lot of what victory gardeners grew in their yards in containers. With today’s emphasis on eating local, Minigarden and our friends at 5ive For Women and Chippewa Valley Growers think it’s time to re-imagine the victory garden – vertically! You can’t get any more local than your own backyard, and luckily you don’t even need one of those any more. With Minigarden, you can defeat your small yard, balcony, or terrace by stacking your garden vertically. Plus – no weeding!

Minigarden Victory Garden

Vertical gardening is the new victory garden. It’s perfect for apartment or condo-dwellers, or for anyone who simply wants a smaller, easier-to-maintain garden!

Read the full article by Dean Carstensen, co-owner of Chippewa Valley Growers, in 5ive For Women.

Susan Austin is Sales Director for Minigarden North America. She can be reached at