Wall Support for Minigarden Corner

Fill empty corners with life

Wall Support for Minigarden Corner

Wall Support for Minigarden Corner are specially designed for wall-mounting Minigarden Corner sets. With a Minigarden Wall Support kit, you can hang your Minigarden Corner in two configurations:

  1. A single module suspended in a corner
  2. Two modules combined to create a unique half-moon installation on flat vertical surfaces

Wall Support for Minigarden Corner is discreet, easy to install, and integrates seamlessly with your vertical garden. They are available in five colors to match your Minigarden Corner unit: white, black, gray, green, and terracotta.

Each Minigarden Corner Wall Support package contains:

  • 2 support trays
  • 3 circular clips
  • 8 Minigarden Fixers to secure your Minigarden Corner modules to the wall
  • 32 hardened galvanized steel, lentil head nails (2 x 20mm)

You can also combine Minigarden Corner with Minigarden Vertical to create a sophisticated, seamless urban green wall. Wall Support for Minigarden Corner works perfectly combination with Wall Support for Minigarden Vertical. To mount Minigarden Basic, use our specially designed Minigarden Basic Wall Support.


Breathe life into empty corners!

Discover Minigarden Corner

Why Should You Grow a Vertical Garden?

Vertical gardening is growing in popularity across North America thanks to an increasing concern for environmental sustainability and a growing desire to incorporate nature into our urban environments.

With Wall Support for Minigarden Corner, you can breathe vitality into any empty corner in your home. Fill your empty, lifeless corners with beautiful ornamental plants, or transform wasted space into a vertical vegetable garden and grow your own vegetables and herbs year-round. You can even create distinctive half-moon configurations on flat surfaces.

Here’s why you should consider vertical gardening:

  • It’s ideal for small spaces: If your space is limited, wall-mounting a Minigarden Corner module is the perfect way to take advantage of empty corner space. By wall-mounting your Minigarden Corner, you can make the most of your small space, especially in apartments, condominiums, or small yards, without using up valuable floor or yard space.
  • Corner gardens are remarkable and striking design elements: Add texture and visual interest to your empty corners by growing lush greens, beautiful flowering plants, or even herbs and vegetables. You can even mount two Corner modules together to create a half-moon, or stack modules to create large corner columns for maximum impact.
  • Vertical gardens are easier to maintain: Vertical gardens are accessible for gardeners of any age because you won’t need to bend or kneel to care for your plants.
  • The Minigarden system promotes plant health: Minigarden Corner modules closely mimic in-ground gardening conditions, and offer independent drainage and generous soil capacity.  Happy, well-drained roots means thriving plants. Learn more about Minigarden Corner’s unique drainage and irrigation system.

If you want to hang Minigarden Vertical, we also have Wall Support kits designed for mounting these modules. To wall-mount Minigarden Basic, use the Minigarden Basic Wall Support kit.

Architecture & Commercial Installations

Minigarden Corner sets are fully modular and can be easily combined with Minigarden Vertical to create unique green wall installations that are designed to suit any space, including large commercial and urban vertical garden and green wall installations.

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